ALIVE: Avatar Learning Impact Assessment for Virtual Environments

Currently, accurate representation of physical spaces and, especially, human interactions in Virtual Reality (VR)can often feel clunky, unrealistic and require specialist knowledge and development. Our project explores avatar use through the Unreal …

Virtual Reality (VR) Multi-User Lab for Immersive Teaching

As VR technology matures, it offers opportunities to provide state of the art learning experiences. The use of this technology in education is not new, however, it can be significantly improved. Situated (or contextual) learning is one of the key …

Children’s Glasgow Sensory Questionnaire (C-GSQ): Validation of a Simplified and Visually Aided Questionnaire

We know that some people have issues with their senses, especially autistic people. We developed a questionnaire asking children about their senses based on the adult version of the Glasgow Sensory Questionnaire. We found that sensory issues in children were less related to autism than we expected. We are not sure if this is because the children were answering the questionnaire differently or if they have more issues with their senses than we previously knew.