Beginning from the leadership election of the Labour Party in 2016, this project has developed to take a broader vision of the political geography of the UK. This involves the publishing of our own work on our website and Twitter accounts, as well as working with the data journalism teams of mainstream media outlets including the BBC, Financial Times, and New Statesman.

The most popular productions are still the crowd-sourced reporting of internal Labour Party elections, and the subsequent maps showing the results. Some examples of the content produced are below.

Elliot Millington
Elliot Millington
Postgraduate Research Student

I am a postgraduate research student at the University of Glasgow where I am completing a PhD that’s funded by the ESRC/SGSSS and supervised by Dr David Simmons and Dr Neil McDonnell. My research interests centre around autism, specificially how the senses and anxiety interact with each other. I am also interested in psychometrics and using Virtual Reality in research.